3 new weird things I do while running

Things have changed, I’ve developed a few strange habits 🙈, read on to find out how my running has become a little bit weird (or maybe I am actually normal… fingers and toes crossed 🤞).

1. I’ve started indicating

Yes, like I’m on a bike, but I’m not on a bike, I’m just plodding along, running.  I like to think that while everyone is trying to keep good social distancing measures in place, a little flick of my hand ✋ to show I’m turning left at the next path is much appreciated by the family approaching from the front, and the bike planning to whiz around me from behind.  Yes, I feel like a total wally when I do this, but now I can’t stop. 😳

2. I’m a great air drummer

I’ve got a certain Phil Collins song on my Spotify playlist, and at the end of the song, when it builds to the amazing drumming crescendo, I can’t help but drum along as I run 🥁.  And now I do it for a few other songs too, be careful, air drumming is catchy, and I can only imagine it looks ridiculous, but somehow it just feels so amazing 😆.

3. I’ve gone around the trees

I started running away from the main paths, to avoid the throng’s people on their daily exercise, and those pesky whizzy cyclists.  But while off the main paths, I’ve mentally recreated myself as some sort of Parkour lunatic 🤗.  I hop on posts, toe tap benches, leap over logs, and doing something I’ve been calling the yo-yoing.  So, when I come up to a row of trees, I will yo-yo weave in and out of them, winding up slowly, and sling-shotting  (like the release of a yo-yo) myself out of the loop.

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Anyone else picked up any strange habits in their running since Corona-times started?  Do you do any of my strange things?

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